I created a full conceptual rebranding project for the Smith Memorial Playground in Philadelphia, PA. The inspiration behind this rebrand stemmed from the industrial designer Cas Holman. She creates design for play that inspires children to use their intuition and creativity to create and play through simple and "unassigned" toys. I wanted to emulate this same idea in this rebranding by using simple shapes and a fun but sophisticated color palette where children can use in their own creativity and see the different actions and reactions within my designs. Scroll to explore the rebranding and you can hit the button below to see the original Smith Memorial Playground website. 
The new logo for the Smith Memorial Playground is simplistic with the addition of an off-kilter "T" to represent the iconic Ann Newman Giant Wooden Slide that was built at the playground in 1905. Not only does it represent what is historically important to the Smith Memorial Playground but it also gives a polished and playful feeling to playground goers.
This section below showcases the new website creation for the Smith Memorial Playground. It incorporates the simple shape and color motif seen throughout the branding and makes for easy and fun access to the different information held in the website. 
These are a collection of posters that I created for advertising use for the Smith Memorial Playground. Scroll to the next section to see their environmental uses.
Below are a few posts that you could see from the Smith Memorial instagram page. They are promoting the different events that are held at the playground throughout the year. 
This final section shows some merchandise that you can purchase through the Smith Memorial website. It includes t-shirts for children and adults, different buckets, and a first aid kit. 
Below is the process i went through for the Smith Memorial logo and different form studies that evolved and were used throughout the branding of Smith Memorial.

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